Android users be alert! Delete these 151 apps from the phone immediately; Know the reason

 New Delhi, Tech Desk| Malware and dangerous apps are very common these days and despite Apple and Google's efforts to remove these apps, they sometimes come back to the App Store. Cyber ​​security software provider Avast recently found that 151 Android apps were involved in a premium SMS fraud scheme. UltimaSMS was a scam campaign that used fake Android apps to enroll users for valuable SMS services.

More than 10.5 million people in more than 80 countries have downloaded these 151 fraudulent apps. The app pretended to be tools in a variety of areas, including custom keyboards, QR code scanners, video and photo editing programs, call blocks, and games. Each of these apps followed the same pattern: after installation, the smartphone's location, IMEI to determine the appropriate area code and language

The number and phone number are verified.

These malicious programs used signals to ask for users' phone numbers and sometimes their email addresses. Without the users' knowledge, this information is used to sign up for premium SMS services. These fees are usually around $40 (about Rs 3,000) per month or more.

After duping customers, the apps now either stop working or offer new subscription options. The core issue is that even if a user uninstalls these programs, they will be charged a subscription fee for which they signed up.

In its report, Avast compiled a list of all the 151 apps that are part of it. Users who have installed these apps on their cell phones should immediately uninstall them and check their bank/credit card accounts for any strange expenses.

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