Those traveling by air will now get a confirmed seat, the government has removed the cap on passengers

 New Delhi, Business Desk. There is good news for those traveling in domestic airlines. From October 18, now 100 percent passengers will be able to travel in the plane. The government has allowed the airline to travel with 100 percent passengers. According to the Civil Aviation Ministry, there is a cap on domestic air travel from May 2020. Till now this limit was 85 percent.

This decision of the Modi government will have a direct impact on the airlines. They will get a chance to increase their numbers. Also, in the festive season, customers will be able to get a confirmed seat.

According to credit rating agency Icra, the sequence of increase in the number of domestic air passengers is going on. The number of air passengers during August increased by 31 percent to 6.6 million as compared to the previous month. According to Icra, the number of domestic air passengers in July 2021 was 51 lakh. At the same time, in August 2020, only 28.3 lakh people had traveled by air 1 year ago. It has increased by 131 percent in August this year as compared to last year.

The rating agency said that despite a steady improvement over the past few months, demand remains under pressure. This is because the fear of the pandemic is still there and people are only doing essential travel. Kinjal Shah, Corporate Vice President and Co-Group Head, ICRA, said, “The demand for air travel continues to improve and grew by almost 31 per cent to 65-66 lakh in August, as against 50.1 lakh in July 2021. Also it has increased by about 131 percent on an annual basis.

In terms of capacity utilization of airlines, there was an increase of about 99 percent in August and 57,500 flights were taken in August 2021 as against 28,834 flights in August 2020.

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