These investors became rich up to three times in 2021, have you also bought the stocks of these companies

 New Delhi, Business Desk. Some small stocks have also become multibagger in the rally of share market. In 2021, with good returns from Nifty, the shares of some sugar companies have climbed significantly. These stocks have given returns of up to 300% to the investors. This has happened due to rising sugar prices globally and blended ethanol policy of the Modi government. Hence, investors are investing well in these stocks this year.

According to experts, these companies include Simbhaoli Sugars, KM Sugar Mills, Dharani Sugars and Chemicals, Bajaj Hindustan Sugar, KM Sugar Mills and Shree Renuka Sugars.

Talking about Bajaj Hind, this stock has given more than 14 percent returns this year. Its share price has increased by more than Rs 2 in the last one month. At present its CMP is Rs 14. At the same time, the share of this company has increased from 6.15 to this level in 2021. Although the price of this share has touched the level of Rs 455 at some point.

On the other hand, if we talk about Dharani Sugars & Chemicals, this stock has gained more than 250 percent in the last 6 months. Its stock has risen from Rs 5.7 to Rs 19 this year.

At the same time, KM Sugar Mills has given 12.5 percent return in the last 1 month. If we look at the figures of 6 months, then the price of one share has increased from Rs 12.50 to Rs 26. That is, investors have got a return of 125 percent.

Simbhaoli Sugars has also given good returns to the investors. Its price has also increased by Rs 26. Once this stock used to be of 7 rupees. Its price has increased in the last 6 months. According to experts, this stock has given a return of more than 300 percent in 2021. At the same time, its returns have been very good throughout the year.

Shree Renuka Sugars is also a multibagger penny stock. Its price has increased from Rs 26 to Rs 29. Last week it was trading above Rs 30. In this, a jump of about 12 percent has been seen in a month. If you look at the figure 6 months ago, it used to be Rs 10. This stock has given returns of around 150 percent in this year.

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