Pakistan government upset due to TLP's performance, minister threatened, said - go back, otherwise things will get out of hand

 Islamabad (agencies). The situation in Pakistan is getting very bad these days. The government seems very upset about Tehreek-e-Labbak Pakistan (TLP). At the same time, after the arrest of the TLP leader, people who came out in his support are also seen becoming uncontrollable. Pakistan's Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has warned those who came out in support of TLP in a stern tone that they should either go back, otherwise they will be out of their hands. has been added to the list.

According to the decision of the government, it will now be seen as a terrorist organization. The government has made it clear that it is committed to the elimination of this organization. According to ANI, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has spoken of banning all those channels which will cover the activities of TLP. Jio News has been quoted as saying that a notification has also been issued by Pemra in this regard.

According to AFP, Rashid is also worried about what will happen if these protesters enter Islamabad. In response, he said in a program of Jio News that he would be prevented from entering Islamabad under any circumstances. He also said that either these protesters should go back, otherwise the government will have no other option but to deal strictly with them. The interior minister also said that the government does not want any kind of violence. Prime Minister Imran Khan will by no means allow the country to be held hostage by these protesters. Sheikh Rashid told the protesters who were in support of the TLP that it was their only loss in this.

Let us also tell you here that this protest of TLP is happening about three things. The first of these is the government's decision to see TLP as a terrorist organization, the second is the arrest of Saad Rizvi, the son of the organization's founder, late Khadim Rizvi, in April and the third is the famous picture of Prophet Muhammad printed in a French magazine. TLP supporters are angry on all these three issues. These protesters are demanding that the government expel the French ambassador and release Rizvi immediately. However, the government has made it clear that it has met both the demands of TLP. Four police officers were killed while over 263 were also injured in a clash with the TLP on Wednesday.

In view of the stand of TLP, the government has made it clear that it will not allow it to picket in Islamabad under any circumstances. At the same time, to put pressure on the government, about ten thousand TLP supporters want to protest in Islamabad. Taking a strong stand on TLP, Sheikh Rashid has even said that when we are saying that the French ambassador has left the country, why are the protesters not believing his words. Talks of talks with TLP have also been said on behalf of the government. However, the government has also put a condition that this is possible only when these protesters return.

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