Not one but seven giant-sized asteroids are going to pass by the earth! it's a very special occasion

 Washington. In the coming days, large-sized asteroids are going to pass near the earth. According to NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies, on October 15, a huge asteroid passed near the Earth. Its size was about 525 feet wide and it was named 2021 SM3.

According to NASA, by November of this year, about seven large-sized asteroids are going to pass near the Earth. According to the USA report, 2004 UE is the largest of these. Its diameter is about 1246 feet. An asteroid named 1996 VB3 will pass over 2.1 million miles on October 20. Scientists say that this asteroid is going to pass very close to the Earth. However, these asteroids passing near the Earth cannot be seen without the help of a telescope.

According to, millions of asteroids like these keep circling in space all the time. Their size can range from a few meters to hundreds of kilometers. However, the major asteroid belt in space is present between Mars and Jupiter, which is located about six lakh miles from Earth. The purpose of NASA's recently launched Lucy mission is to gather as much information as possible about Astroid.

Spinning in the Asteroid Belt When the Asteroids come out of this belt due to the collision of someone else, they start circling in the open universe. Sometimes they move so close to other planets that their magnetic field starts pulling them rapidly towards them. The same is true with a planet like Earth. Whenever an asteroid is said to hit the earth, it means that the asteroid is very close to the earth's magnetic field.

If any asteroid enters it, due to friction, its temperature becomes higher than the temperature of the sun. In such a situation, it falls on the earth like a ball of fire. During this, some parts of it also get destroyed. Let us tell you that millions of years ago, due to the collision of Asteroid, other species including dinosaurs were destroyed from the earth forever.

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