Horrible! Afghan families selling children to avoid starvation, the situation is shocking

 Kabul (AFP). The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse. Many UN reports have come about this, in which concern has been expressed about the situation there. Concerns have also been raised about this in a recent report. It has even been said that in the coming days, more than half of the population there may face a food crisis. While these pictures are getting worse on paper, in reality the situation is worse. The bitter truth here is that Afghan families are selling their daughters to earn bread for two days.

Fahima is one of them, who is forced to sell her two daughters. Tears do not stop from his eyes remembering this. She had to take this step at the behest of her husband. Her husband used to say that if this is not done then we will all perish because of hunger. Of the two daughters that Fahima has sold, one is only six years old while the other is only 18 months old. Fahima said that such a situation is in front of thousands of people present here.

There is also a special thing in this that the one who has bought these two girls to marry his son has not even paid the full cost of these girls. Fahima has told that she has given only some money and has said to pay the rest in installments in a few years. In Afghanistan, the cost of such a girl child is $3,350 and for a small girl, $2,800 is being given.

Let us tell you that the tradition of child marriage in Afghanistan is very old. But the war, violence, which lasted for years, has worked to worsen the situation here. Apart from this, the effect of climate change is also visible here. The drought has also made things worse. Poverty has forced many families to do things they never thought possible.

Fahima told that the one who bought her daughters had bargained a lot about this. Despite this, the lump sum amount was not given in his hands. The World Food Program had warned on Monday itself that the country's population of about 25 million could go to the pit of starvation. The UN agency has drawn attention to the possibility of a serious food crisis here in November.

Fahima has also told that the shop from which her food items used to come had stopped giving the goods due to high credit. The shopkeeper had also threatened that if the money was not paid, he would put all of them in jail. To avoid this trouble, he was forced to deal with the shopkeeper.

Let us tell you that Kala-e-Na is the capital of Badghis province, where the drought has hit the most. Afghan families living in the camps here say such things have increased more rapidly after the 2018 drought. This time it has increased due to lack of rain.

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