Google removed these apps from Play Store, you should also delete them immediately

 New Delhi, Tech Desk. Action has been taken on fake apps from Google. According to the report, more than 150 dangerous apps have been removed from Google's own Play Store app. All these apps were included in UltimaSMS campaign. Fraud was carried out with the help of these apps. Apps used to lure users to sign in for premium SMS service. After which they used to steal the important information of the users. In this way the incident of fraud was done. If these dangerous apps are present in your smartphone, then delete them immediately.

Apps downloaded 1 crore times

According to Avast Antivirus's blog post, the app was downloaded more than 10 million times. All these apps worked in the same way. These apps, which were part of the UltimaSMS campaign, were also available for download on the Google Play Store. When users downloaded these apps from the Google Play Store, the apps tracked the user's location, IMEI and phone number.

Steal users' secure data

After obtaining the phone's IMEI number, location and contact number, the scammers decide in which country and in which language the scam will be conducted. The apps demand a phone number and email address from the user. This gave access to the app for advertising. The apps that are used to execute scams include apps in categories such as custom keyboards, QR code scanners, video and photo editors, spam call blockers, camera filters.

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