Samsung increases the beats of Xiaomi, is bringing this cool feature in low-cost phones, fans are shocked

 New Delhi. This year Samsung started offering optical image stabilization (OIS) on the main cameras of some of its mid-range Galaxy A series devices such as the A52 and A72. However, next year things will be different. The Optical Image Stabilization or OIS feature is known to be present on most flagship devices. It provides stability to the video as well as reduces blur due to hand shake in photos. This feature is mostly found in the flagship segment. Now news is coming that Samsung will include OIS in the upcoming Galaxy A series devices in 2022 thus giving competition to Xiaomi.

Samsung phone will compete with Xiaomi

According to a new unconfirmed report from Korea, Samsung may add OIS to the main cameras of all A series models to be launched in 2022. If Samsung does this, then it will directly compete with Xiaomi's mid-range phones. So far, Xiaomi's phones are considered better than Samsung because they sell phones with more features for less than Samsung's phones. If Samsung brings this feature then it will top it.

Camera with OIS is 15% more expensive

The report also states that a camera with OIS is 15% more expensive than other cameras. Hence, one can expect Samsung to add OIS only to the mid-range Galaxy A-series devices and not the budget A-series smartphones.

OIS may come in these Samsung phones

Samsung's budget Galaxy A devices are priced around Rs 15,000. OIS is less likely to be included in these smartphones. The company can add this feature to the mid-range A series phones.

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