How to do Meditation: How to do deep meditation, these tips help, know the complete method

 Meditation not only benefits mental health, but its biggest benefits are on a personal level. Because, meditation or meditation makes you aware of your body and senses. But generally, people have a lot of doubts about the method of meditation. What is meditation (Everything about meditation), what is its method, etcetera-etc. In this article we will talk about these questions.

Meditation (what is meditation)

Lifestyle Expert Dr. H.K. Kharbanda explains that meditating means focusing on one thought. Whether it can be your God, whether your lover, whether your breath or whatever voice. Apart from this, meditation can be done for any length of time. But, at least 15-20 minutes must be meditated.

How to do Meditation: How to do Meditation

To do meditation, first of all sit on a cloth or mattress in a comfortable place and posture. Before sitting, do some stretching of the body.

Now keeping the neck, chest, waist straight, bring the shoulders to a relaxed position and close the eyes comfortably.

First of all start taking deep breaths. Feel the breath through the nostrils till it goes into the stomach and then comes back. Take in as many breaths as you can and then exhale completely.

With this, gradually focus on your beloved person, thought, God or breath.

During this other thoughts will come, but do not panic. Let other thoughts come and go and focus on your favorite thought over and over again.

When you have to finish the meditation, slowly bring the attention back to the things around you while keeping your eyes closed. Like what are you sitting on, in which posture are your hands, what is the sound of the surrounding etc. etc.

After this, slowly open the eyes and get up.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given only for the purpose of education.

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