Good News: The company gave the gift of happiness, those working in Meesho will get bumper holidays

 Good News: With the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic in the year 2020, the way of working around the world changed. Most of the offices were closed in a hurry and the employees became accustomed to 'Work from Home'. Meanwhile, many people started suffering from mental disorders and they started having trouble working from home. Actually, to say that he was working from home but he was neither able to take leave nor half day or any break. In such a situation, a company named Meesho App has issued a great holiday offer for its employees.

What is Meesho App?

Meesho is an Indian-origin social commerce platform. It was founded in December 2015 by IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Baranwal. It enables small business and people to start their online store through social networking channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Not only this, Meesho is India's first startup, in which Facebook has also invested.

10 days break will be available in November

Meesho (Life @ Meesho) is in a lot of discussion these days (Viral News). In fact, in view of the mental state of the employees and its profits, the company has decided to take a break of 10 days in November. There will be no business of any kind in this company from November 4 to November 14. After the festive season sale, all the employees will be given 10 days holiday. This will give rest to everyone and they will be able to come back to work with full energy.

Complete holiday calendar ready

If you are thinking that after these 10 days, employees will get leave only on week offs or festivals, then you are wrong. People working in Meesho have been given a calendar of 64 optional holidays. It also includes special days like Women's Day, Book Lover's Day and Valentine's Day.

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