Big change in the rules of Ration Card! Know otherwise there may be problem in getting ration

 New Delhi: Ration Card Latest News: There is good news for ration card holders. Under the 'One Nation One Ration Card', now the beneficiaries will be able to pick up ration from the ration dealer of their choice from the month of September. That is, now you can change the dealer of ration as per your wish. An official memorandum has been issued regarding this. According to this, if a person comes to you to take ration with a ration card, even if he is not a beneficiary here, but no one has to return it. If the ration card holder of another dealer also comes to you to get ration, then he has to give ration in any case.

good news for beneficiaries

In fact, instructions have been given to all the ration card holders of the district on behalf of Ranchi District Supply Officer Arvind Billung. One problem with the card holders who lift the ration is that some ration dealers are very arbitrary. But now after the restoration of this system, now the beneficiaries will have the option that they will stop taking ration from such dealers.

Department will deliver ration

Under this arrangement, if more beneficiaries than his designated beneficiaries reach any one ration dealer to get ration, then such dealer will be provided ration by the supply department of the district administration, so that everyone can get ration easily. After the issuance of this order, if any Kotedar refuses to give ration, then action will be taken against him. Actually, many times many types of disturbances are found at the ration shop. In such a situation, if the beneficiary wants to take ration from a particular ration shop, then he will be officially allowed.

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